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Corecentra for Public & Private Companies

A purpose-built, cloud-based platform for holistically and transparently driving global ESG and Sustainability impact.

What is driving the urgency for ESG transparency?

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The SEC is Serious About ESG

The war on "greenwashing" has begun.  The SEC has created an ESG Enforcement Division that is now squarely focused on the integrity of corporate disclosures regarding ESG and Sustainability.

Further, the SEC is ensuring that private equity funds - including those provided by broader financial services companies - that are promoted as ESG-focused are, in fact, ESG-focused.

At the end of May, 2022, the SEC announced its first enforcement action against a prominent US financial institution as a result of false claims of ESG diligence for certain investment funds:

Customers & Employees Are Serious About ESG

For several years, multiple studies have confirmed that the vast majority of your customers and employees expect your company to not only care about ESG, but take tangible actions to improve your performance in those areas.

As a direct result, over 90% of business leaders now believe they must act - not through random acts of kindness, but through continuous, integrated, and most importantly, measurable initiatives.



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Morningstar ESG Risk

The Market Is Serious About ESG

Debates will continue to rage in both political and business arenas regarding the direct link between ESG performance and company performance.  However, more studies are showing that whether the correlation is direct or indirect, companies with lower ESG risk profiles outperform the market both short and long term.

Companies that are good at managing ESG are often equally effective at managing all parts of their businesses.  Further, strong commitment to ESG principles are an increasing factor in acquiring and retaining customers, as well as, acquiring and retaining top talent - both of which are critical to long term growth and profitability. 


So Why Is This So Hard?

Lack of Standardized Metrics, Disparate Data, & Limited Visibility

Many companies are stuck in a perpetual state of analysis, trying to figure out the answers to 4 fundamental questions:

  • What exactly are we supposed to measure?
  • How do we standardize metrics across the business units?
  • Where and how will we get the data?
  • Who in our organization has the time and expertise to do this?

In the meantime, your customers, employees, and investors are growing more impatient and looking at alternatives for their next investment.

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Manually Intensive Data Collection, Cleansing, & Consolidation

For those companies that have moved past the analysis phase and are now trying to provide some transparency to their key stakeholders, the process is incredibly inefficient. 

Multiple team members are following up continuously with the business units to collect the data.  Once they have the data, they must start the arduous process of manually consolidating that data into a single spreadsheet.  Now, off to Powerpoint for hours of creating (and reworking) graphs and slides.  And at the end of it all, a senior executive invariably wants to see the data differently - and the process begins again.

No Time To Interpret The Data & Proactively Drive Performance

Perhaps the biggest problem of all, though, is that after all of that manual work, virtually no time is left over for really understanding the results, and most importantly, proactively engaging with the portfolio to improve performance, lower risk, and create value.

The ultimate goal is not to simply generate an Annual Report.  It's to incorporate meaningful ESG insight into every phase of the portfolio lifecycle - from sourcing & screening, to due diligence, to value creation.

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There's a better way.

On Demand Impact Transparencytm

from Corecentra

Standardize, Simplify, Prescribe, Repeat

Corecentra's mission is to simplify and automate the collection of ESG and sustainability data - not just once per year, but continuously.

Then, through an integrated ESG analytics engine, give the corporate compliance, social impact, or sustainability teams the ability to gain meaningful insight - not just once per year, but continuously.

Our ultimate goal is to enable the company to proactively engage with their business units, define prescriptive ESG cross-company milestones, and then track progress in a centralized and standard way.  And, you guessed it, not just once per year, but continuously.

We refer to this strategy as On Demand Impact Transparencytm.

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Purpose-Built ESG Impact Management 

Our founders at Corecentra saw a clear and urgent need for a purpose-built ESG risk, impact, and compliance platform.

Our vision was to create a system that dramatically accelerates time to value while decreasing the need for deep ESG expertise within the company.  We are accomplishing those goals by continuously embedding the latest metrics and best practices within the platform.  Additionally, we are continuously enhancing our analytics and predictive algorithms to give the deepest, most actionable view of impact and risk.

Accelerated Time to Value

Enabled through a purpose-built ESG compliance platform


  • Pre-Built, ESG Data Model

    Proprietary, pre-defined ESG data elements, entities, and relationships to simplify and accelerate implementation and maintenance.

  • Industry Standard Frameworks & Best Practices

    Embedded, industry-defined standards and best practices including policies, metrics, objectives, outputs, outcomes, formulas, and algorithms.

  • Impact Milestones & Portfolio Action Plans

    Tools to proactively set goals and track progress, including a library of common milestones and supporting action plans.

  • AI-Driven ESG Analytics

    Automated reports and alerts, ESG-specific data visualization with pre-built dashboards, algorithmic insights, and predictive modeling.

  • Enterprise Integration & Automation

    Standard API with pre-built integrations to common deal management systems, 3rd party data providers, and portfolio company operational systems.

  • Stakeholder-Specific Access

    Secure, role-based visibility for key stakeholders, including portfolio companies, deal management teams, investment committees, and limited partners.

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