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Who is Corecentra?

Corecentra is a cloud-based, integrated platform that standardizes, simplifies, and accelerates ESG Impact Management for public companies, private companies, and large private equity firms.


Our purpose-built, ESG-specific analytics and AI-driven insights enable organizations to proactively visualize, understand, and maximize ESG impact – and ultimately achieve:

On Demand Impact Transparency™

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For Public Companies

Providing transparent, evidence-based, and auditable performance metrics for environmental, social, governance, and sustainability initiatives has never been more critical for public companies.
Corecentra provides an integrated, cloud-based platform that enables public companies to continuously manage ESG risk and impact across all subsidiaries, divisions, business units, regions, or locations.

For Private Companies

Research studies continue to demonstrate that a company's commitment to ESG and Sustainability directly impacts  customer acquisition and retention, as well as talent acquisition and retention. And increasingly, lenders and other providers of investment capital are scrutinizing ESG risk. 
Corecentra enables private companies to centrally manage and monitor all ESG initiatives across all parts of their businesses, as well as communicate their impact to all stakeholders.
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For Private Equity Firms

Corecentra accelerates ESG Risk & Impact Reporting for PE firms. Our cloud-based, end-to-end platform facilitates ESG scoring during sourcing and screening, and helps deal teams identify potential issues & opportunities during due diligence.
Post-acquisition, Corecentra simplifies ongoing portfolio company data collection, and provides centralized milestone & action tracking designed to drive value creation through exit. This closed-loop platform ensures all critical data is fully auditable through a centralized and highly secure system.

On Demand Impact Transparencytm from Corecentra

Minimizing Risk, Maximizing Impact, & Accelerating Time to Value

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  • Pre-Built ESG Data Model

    Proprietary, pre-defined ESG data elements, entities, and relationships to simplify and accelerate implementation and maintenance.

  • Industry Standard Frameworks & Best Practices

    Embedded, industry-defined standards and best practices including policies, metrics, objectives, outputs, outcomes, formulas, and algorithms.

  • Impact Milestones & Action Plans

    Tools to proactively set goals and track progress, including a library of common milestones and supporting action plans.

  • AI-Driven ESG Analytics

    Automated reports and alerts, ESG-specific data visualization with pre-built dashboards, algorithmic insights, and predictive modeling.

  • Enterprise Integration & Automation

    Standard API with pre-built integrations to common deal management systems, 3rd party data providers, and portfolio company operational systems.

  • Stakeholder-Specific Access

    Secure, role-based visibility for key stakeholders, including portfolio companies, deal management teams, investment committees, and limited partners.

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